Aam Adami Bima Yojana

| Sector: Social Justice and Special Assistance Department

Aam Adami Bima Yojana


This scheme is meant for land less labourers in rural areas in the age Group of 18-59 years. The premium charged under the scheme will be Rs. 200/- per annum per member out of which 50% is subsidized by the State Govt. and Central Govt.


In case of natural death of a member, prior to terminal date, the sum assured Rs. 30,000/- under assurance, then in force, shall become payable to the nominee. The following benefits are provided to the member in case of accident. On death due to accident Rs. 75, 000/- Permanent total disability, due to accident Rs. 75, 000/- Loss of 2 eyes and 2 limbs in an accident Rs. 75, 000/- Loss of 1 eyes and 1 limbs in an accident Rs. 37, 500/- Under this scheme, Scholarship of Rs. 100/- per month each is given to the children studying in 9th to 12th standards. The maximum 2 children are given scholarship.

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