Sarasbaug-Peshve Park

These parks are in Punecity near Swargate. Gardens are full of lush green lawn. It also has a jogging track. There is a small hillock in the garden surrounded by the lake. There is a Ganesh temple on this hillock. The place is famous as ‘Talyatala Ganapati’. Peshve park is next to Sarasbaug. Previously, it was famous for its zoo. Boat rides are available here.There is mini train called “Phulrani” which attracts the kids most.

Photo Gallery

  • Sarasbaug Lake
  • Sarasbaug Ganesh
  • Sarasbaug View

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport - Pune

By Train

Nearest Railway station - Pune

By Road

About 3-4 km from Pune railway station. Buses, auto rickshaws are available from all parts of the city.